The Ins and Outs of System 1 Aircon:  Everything You Need to Know

At first glance, you’d think that air conditioner units are the same all across the board, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that. However, looking under the surface, you’d discover different varieties from features to their unit system type. Regarding system type, you have two choices at your disposal; system 2 and system 1 aircon. 

These “systems” refer to the number of the air conditioner’s indoor units. The higher the number of these indoor parts, the more powerful their cooling is. However, higher power also means more energy consumption, so it’s up to the customer whether the pros outweigh the cons. 

This article covers the qualities of system 1 units, the common problems they encounter, and the pros and cons of getting one. If you still can’t decide which unit system type to go for, perhaps this article has all you need to choose a system 1 device. 

Vital Qualities of System 1 Aircon

aircon unit showing the qualities of system 1 aircon

It’s not difficult to narrow your choices down regarding which aircon unit system type to go for since there are only two options. However, a lack of variety doesn’t always mean a lack of innovation. There are only two choices, which means the difference between them is significant. 

Here are the vital qualities of system 1 aircon you should know: 

  1. Suitable for Small Spaces

Families comprised of multiple members, including extended family, might experience issues such as lack of space. To combat this problem, some families opt to have small bedrooms. System 1 AC units are perfect for confined spaces since they are generally smaller and easier to install wherever. 

  1. Energy Efficiency

While air conditioning units make our lives easier by providing us with cool and comfortable air, they are also known to consume a lot of energy, translating to additional costs. System 1 aircon devices are more energy efficient since they have a single set of indoor and outdoor components. 

  1. Individual Temperature Control

One of the disadvantages of having a centralised air conditioning system inside your home is the uniformity of temperature. Since system 1 units are smaller, you can control the temperature inside your room and not have it affect other rooms since they also have their own. 

  1. Easy Maintenance

Some people dread having to maintain their aircon units constantly. AC units have many moving parts, so removing one component means going through other parts. System 1 aircon units don’t have the same problem since their interior design is relatively simpler than larger units. 

  1. Flexibility in Installation

Aircon companies like Jing Yit Service in Singapore are creative regarding aircon installation services. They always find ways to match the AC unit’s size to the outline of the room or house. System 1 units are a joy to work with since they can quickly adapt to any design due to their size. 

Common Issues Faced By System 1 Aircon 

aircon part showing issues faced by a system 1 aircon

While this unit system type is susceptible to the same problems as other AC unit types, some specific issues plague these units. We must remember that System 1 aircon is significantly smaller than different types, so we can gather its possible problems from there. 

Here are the common issues faced by system 1 units: 

  • Insufficient Cooling – While this problem can be attributed to dirty filters, the size of system 1 units also plays a huge factor. Since they are smaller, the cooling distribution tends to be insufficient. 
  • Water Leakage – These problems usually point to clogged condensate lines or improper installation of the systems necessary for condensate components to work. 
  • Strange Noises – This issue can mean multiple things, and it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. However, the areas primarily affected when you hear strange noises are the fan motors or compressors. 
  • Foul Odours – While foul odours are already disruptive, this issue can point to a more severe problem: bacterial growth. There are different cleaning methods to combat this infestation, such as Jing Yit’s aircon chemical wash
  • Electrical Issues – This is another issue that points to a more severe problem. Electrical problems, such as difficulties in turning your unit on or off and irregular power supply, require professionals’ keen eyes and expertise. 

Tips for Efficient Use of System 1 Aircon

remote control for efficient use of system 1 aircon

We all desire to get the most out of our machines, so any edge we can get to make them perform at peak efficiency is helpful. We know that AC units consume a lot of power when in use. By following the tips below, we can minimise the energy consumption and the cost of it. 

  1. Energy-saving practices

We must remember that the effort to get the most out of our air conditioning units should start with us. By following ideal practices, such as keeping the doors and windows shut, we do our part to make our AC units more efficient. Additionally, using blinds and ensuring proper room insulation will trap the cool air, preventing your machine from working overtime.   

  1. Using programmable timers and smart features

Advanced features on our AC units were invented to be more efficient regarding power consumption. Some air conditioners already have a built-in energy-saving system, so it’s automatic. However, we can also contribute by utilising timers so our machines aren’t always on. 

  1. Proper temperature settings

While it’s nice to put the temperature down low and enjoy the cool air, going below the recommended temperature can be very taxing to your machine. According to the manufacturers, the recommended temperature hovers around 24-26 degrees Celsius; anything below that will make your device work overtime, increasing its consumption. 

  1. Airflow management

Another way to maximise your AC units is by always ensuring proper airflow. Removing items that block the air and cleaning your filters will improve your machine’s airflow. You can also use fans to minimise power consumption after reaching your desired temperature. 

Jing Yit Service is Highly Knowledgeable About System 1 Aircon Units in Singapore

While the choices between unit system types of air conditioning units are limited to two (system 2 and system 1 aircon), they could not be farther from each other regarding features. If you’ve decided to go for a System 1 machine, you already know what to expect after reading this article. 

Factors such as the advantages of getting a System 1 machine, common problems you might encounter, different models, and even tips on maximising your machine’s efficiency are all discussed. These things are also geared towards helping you make the right decision about which to pick. 

We at Jing Yit Service know our way around system 1 air conditioners, and our more than 20 years of experience serve us well in dealing with aircon cleaning, repair, or installation. Our goal is to provide Singaporeans with excellent aircon services, and we are confident this goal is highly attainable. 

Your first step towards clean and highly efficient air conditioning units begins here. Contact us for more information about our services! Are you wondering how you can squeeze the most out of your air conditioning units? Let us at Jing Yit Service show you how!