Battle of The Breeze: How System 2 Aircon Fares Against System 1

Air conditioning units are placed under System 1 and System 2 aircon classifications. This classification refers to the number of indoor units connected to an outdoor device, dictating their power. 

However, you’d be mistaken if you chalk up System 2 units as automatically superior to System 1 since they have their advantages and disadvantages. Instead of thinking of it as one unit against the other, you should see it as which one fits where better. 

To help you better appreciate the distinction between these two systems, this article will cover the pros and cons of each machine type. Here, you can also read about factors to consider when choosing a particular air conditioner type. 

System 1 vs System 2 Aircon: Head to Head 

a technician checking a system 1 aircon

As discussed earlier, these systems refer to the number of interior units, System 1 has one internal unit, and System 2 can have multiple. This difference shows in size since System 2 units tend to be bigger and space-consuming. 

However, the differences between the two systems don’t end there. If you’re wondering about the similarities and differences between these two systems, let this section educate you about them. 

System 1 Aircon

System 1 AC units are noticeably smaller than their counterparts. However, this size is advantageous since it can adapt to different outlines or orientations. With the help of contractors, such as Jing Yit Service in Singapore, aircon installations are much more efficient with System 1 units. 

Here are the pros of owning a System 1 air conditioner: 

  • Individual Temperature Control – You can set your preferred temperature for every unit instead of following the temperature settings of a centralised machine. 
  • Simplicity – System 1 units can be quickly installed or placed wherever you want due to their simple design. 
  • Energy Efficiency – A smaller internal set means lesser energy consumption. 
  • Noise Level – The simple design doesn’t also leave room for multiple components, significantly reducing the noise. 

Every pro has its con, and since there’s a vast difference between the size and capabilities of the two systems, that one is already a glaring con. However, if you want to know other disadvantages of going for a System 1 air conditioner, here they are: 

  • Limited Cooling Capacity – While its size is one of its advantages, it can also be a disadvantage since its coverage can be somewhat limited. 
  • Additional Units Required for Multiple Rooms – Going for System 1 units for multiple rooms can be just as costly as going for the alternatives. 
  • Aesthetics – Having multiple units under this system can also ruin the overall look of your interior. 
  • Maintenance and Service Requirements – If you have individual AC units for every room, it can be pretty hard to have them cleaned or repaired. 

System 2 Aircon

Regarding size, System 2 units are significantly larger than their counterpart. This size is to cover a larger area for cooling. Another noticeable feature of this system is that the indoor units, no matter how many they are, are connected to one outdoor machine. 

Here are some of the pros of System 2 aircon: 

  • Multiple Indoor Units – This air conditioning system connects one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units. This feature means that you’re essentially hitting numerous birds with one stone. 
  • Zone Control –  Even with multiple indoor units connected to an outdoor device, you can still set individual temperatures for each unit, giving you control. 
  • Efficient Cooling Distribution – You can plan where you put your indoor machines to get the most out of them and have an evenly distributed cooling function. 
  • Noise Control – System 2 aircon units are also known for being quiet due to different advanced features. 

While having multiple indoor units seem more appealing, some disadvantages come with it. Here are the cons of having a System 2 unit: 

  • Complex Installation – The outlines and wiring tend to be slightly complicated when dealing with AC units with this system. 
  • Limited Coverage Area – This system is built with strategic placement in mind. However, if you’re dealing with a large home, 
  • Maintenance and Service – This disadvantage relates to System 2’s circuitry complexity. However, proper care can be achieved with help from companies like Jing Yit Service and their services like aircon repair
  • Electrical Requirements – Multiple parts mean complex outlines for electrical components. You need to consider this before purchasing a System 2 aircon if you don’t want a lot of wiring around your home. 

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing Between System 1 and System 2 Aircon

a living room with aircon

While the pros and cons paint a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of both systems, there are specific factors they sometimes fail to cover. We must remember that different households face various issues, so it’s generally a good idea to cover all bases, including the specific ones. 

Here are additional factors you should consider before settling on a specific AC unit system: 

  1. Room Requirements and Number of Areas to be Cooled

AC units take up space, so it’s better to plan which type suits your overall floor space before settling for one. Another factor directly related to the area is the number of rooms. While system 2 aircon can have multiple indoor units, they will still be ineffective if the rooms outnumber them. 

  1. Lifestyle and Usage Patterns

Usage pattern refers to how often an individual uses their AC units, when they most use them, and other details that point to the unit’s usage. This factor is essential since System 1 AC units are better for individuals or households who prefer individual temperature settings, and System 2 is suitable for a centralised one. 

  1. Future Expansion Plans

When planning for your dream home and everything you want to put into it, you always need to look ahead. A system 2 AC unit might become unsuitable if you plan to expand since the cooling distribution will differ once you expand. The best method to work around this problem is by getting a new set of AC units. 

Jing Yit Covers Your System 1 Or System 2 Aircon Installation and Maintenance Needs

Choosing between System 1 and System 2 aircon can be challenging since the disadvantages of one are the advantages of the other. While you can combine these systems, balancing the power consumption might be tough. 

Through the advantages and disadvantages of each item discussed earlier and other helpful factors you should consider before settling for a particular type, we hope to shed some light on them. 

Jing Yit Service has ample knowledge regarding the different aircon systems. Our 20+ years of extensive experience give us the confidence to perform our tasks, such as installation, cleaning, and repair, with maximum efficiency. 

If you need more help regarding your System 1 or System 2 AC units or have other questions or concerns, getting in touch with us is just one click away! Contact us now! For your air conditioner repair, installation, or cleaning needs, trust that Jing Yit Service has got you covered!