5 Compelling Reasons Why Aircon Cleaning is Essential

Our air conditioning units regulate the temperature inside our room or the whole house. However, much like any other furniture or device, they get dirty as time passes. While we can clean these devices ourselves, it’s still better to get professional aircon cleaning services to do the job. 

The best thing about companies that specialize in cleaning air conditioning units is that they have the experience and proper tools to address the problems. Additionally, most of the issues AC units experience lie under the surface, so it’s better to let professionals handle them. 

However, this isn’t saying you can’t clean your units on your own. You can do a stellar job with the technical know-how and the proper tools. For those who don’t, let this article guide you on the importance of cleaning your units and the common problems you should look for. 

5 Reasons Why Aircon Cleaning is Vital To Your Device’s Performance

aircon cleaning done by a technician

Our air conditioning units are similar to the human lung in that they can’t “breathe” properly if things bog down their breathing. The ideal way to eliminate things that bog our AC units from the inside is through cleaning. 

However, cleaning is easier said than done, and understanding why it’s essential takes a deep dive. Here are 5 reasons why AC unit cleaning is more essential than you give it credit for: 

  1. Enhanced Air Quality

Nothing beats fresh air. However, if you don’t have the luxury of getting fresh air, the next best thing you can experience is the air a clean air conditioning unit provides. Aircon cleaning eliminates the gunk and dirt accumulated within your unit, giving it the go-ahead to produce high-quality clean air. 

  1. Prolonged Lifespan of the Aircon Unit 

Air conditioning units are more susceptible to wear and tear since they tend to be used for prolonged periods. The trick to extend the lifespan of your unit is by cleaning them regularly. Like other devices that rely on electricity, the parts within our units might become brittle and form rust when the dirt is exposed to heat and moisture. Cleaning is the quickest way to avoid this. 

  1. Better Cooling Performance

The primary purpose of our air conditioning units is to give us cool air throughout our home or room, at the very least. Aircon cleaning significantly improves the cooling performance of our units by eliminating the dirt that blocks the cool and clean air. When nothing bogs down your units, they can perform at 100% and provide the cooling you want. 

  1. Reduced Risk of Health Issues

We might not notice this, but sometimes we feel sick because of the air quality produced by our AC units. It’s no secret that when something moist gets dirty, it accumulates bacteria and mould. Aircon cleaning services eliminate these contaminants using different methods, such as chemical cleaning or overhaul. 

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the essential things about owning an AC unit we don’t get to read from the handbooks is it tends to consume a lot of energy when it’s dirty. Dirt tends to bog down various parts of our machine, making them work overtime and consume too much power. Cleaning services for your 

AC unit will eliminate dirt, bacteria, and gunk bogging your machine down. 

Aircon cleaning services, such as Jing Yit Service in Singapore, guarantee these benefits and then some. It’s challenging to determine what these companies can do for you sometimes, but you can understand what lies in store through these benefits. 

Common Issues Plaguing Your Aircon Units 


Prevention is much better than cure, so knowing the common issues your air conditioning units face will allow you to prevent them from worsening. Sometimes, these issues are telltale signs pointing to a much larger problem, so preventing them from the onset is crucial. 

Here are the issues your AC units face regularly:

  1. Insufficient Cooling

One  common sign of an air conditioning unit experiencing issues is when they don’t produce ample cooling like usual. As mentioned earlier, dirt can get in the way of the filters and other internal components, preventing your units from performing at 100%. 

  1. Water Leakage

Before chalking it up to something AC units typically do, water leakage can mean things aren’t alright under the surface. Components such as condensate pumps, drains, or frozen evaporator coils are usually the most affected areas when your unit leaks. 

  1. Strange Noises

We spend time with our air conditioning units a lot, especially if one is in our room. Strange noises are recognisable since you’re not used to hearing that from your unit. This sign can point out many things, including damaged fan blades, rotor bearings, or debris inside the unit. If you hear strange noises from your machine, you should definitely get it checked.

  1. Foul Odours

Much like the previous entry, foul odours are immediately recognisable since they drastically change your experience while using your unit. This issue can even be more severe since it can point to mould or bacteria infestation inside your unit. 

  1. Electrical Issues

Compared to other signs, electrical issues are subtle. However, this issue might be the culprit when you experience unresponsive controls or fluctuating power supply. Even more concerning is that it can lead to severe problems like fires when not addressed immediately. 

The best method to get to the bottom of these problems is to get your units checked so necessary precautions can be taken. Aircon repair services, such as the ones offered by Jing Yit Service in Singapore, can make short work of these problems.  

Aircon Cleaning: Step-by-step Process

While cleaning is pretty straightforward, aircon cleaning can be complicated due to the different components involved. The best thing about knowing how cleaning your unit is done is you can also do this yourselves if you have ample knowledge and experience. 

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to clean your AC unit: 

  • Turn off the power – Since your unit relies on electricity, it’s always better to check whether it’s on or connected to an outlet. 
  • Remove debris – Dirt is the most common debris you can expect from your unit. You can remove this by vacuuming or wiping the dirt stuck inside your unit.
  • Clean the exterior unit – The outside area of your machine also deserves some love. You can clean this area using a hose and a mild detergent. 
  • Clean or replace filters – Filters are arguably the most crucial part of your AC unit since they catch different pollutants. You can clean this component by rinsing it with water. 
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils – Other components you must monitor for dust buildup are the evaporator and condenser coils. After taking them out, you can clean them using a brush to eliminate the dirt. 
  • Check and clean the drainage system – Taking water mixed with bleach can flush out debris clogging your drainage system. This cleaning process also removes bacteria or algae stuck in the area. 
  • Inspect and lubricate moving parts – Proper lubrication is crucial regarding machines such as your AC units since they allow the components to work well together. Lubricate areas where metal is against metal to ensure they will not be damaged. 
  • Reassemble and test – The final step in cleaning your unit is to put everything back in place and test it to see if there are improvements in its performance. 

Jing Yit is Your Go-to Aircon Cleaning Company in Singapore

Our AC units deserve some love since they take of us by giving us cool and clean air. While it’s easy to forget to subject our machines to regular maintenance, we must occasionally contact aircon cleaning services. 

If your unit is already displaying signs like water leakage, foul odours, and decreased cooling ability, then it’s time to consider cleaning them or having them cleaned by professionals. You can experience various benefits, such as the ones discussed earlier when you do. 

Jing Yit Service is one of your go-to aircon contractors in Singapore. We aim to address different issues plaguing your AC units and do a great job eliminating these problems. With our experience and our state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to achieve this goal. 

Our lines are always open to people who want more information about our services! Contact us now! If you want to maximise your air conditioning unit experience, let us at Jing Yit help you achieve that!