3 Major Aircon Brands in Singapore and How to Properly Clean Them

The best thing about air conditioning units is that you can pick from different brands. However, since all aircon brands have unique features exclusive to them, cleaning them can be challenging. 

Cleaning your AC unit is pretty straightforward; you must remove and gently clean different components. However, problems arise when faced with a different AC brand than you’re used to. While manuals for these units exist online, the tedium of going through them can be challenging. 

This article covers different brands and how to clean them properly. If you don’t have the energy to scour the internet for separate manuals of these brands, let this article serve as your ultimate cleaning guide when dealing with different AC unit brands. 

Valuable Tips on How to Clean These 3 Major Aircon Brands

technician checking aircon brands for cleaning

Like with other furniture or devices, the aircon manufacturers who make the highest-quality products rise to the top. However, with this distinction comes different complications, such as problems associated with unclean units. 

If you don’t want these problems and know how to clean the air conditioning units from notable brands, allow us to present you with this guide : 

  1. Daikin

Daikin AC units are known for the Intelligent Eye and Coanda Airflow systems. The Intelligent Eye system uses infrared sensors to detect whether there’s movement inside the room and goes idle if there isn’t. The Coanda Airflow system focuses on blowing cool air towards the ceiling, providing balanced cooling to the room. 

The abovementioned factors must be considered to clean your Daikin unit. The first step is to avoid damaging its infrared sensors, and the next priority is to ensure the filters are clean. Once those things are secure, here are the following steps: 

  • Clean the air filters – The filters must be extremely clean for the Coanda Airflow system to take full effect. 
  • Clean the condenser coils – Condenser coils produce cool air and regulate the heat inside AC units. The most ideal way to clean them is by using a brush or vacuum. 
  • Clean the outdoor unit – Use a damp cloth to eliminate dirt and other debris outside your unit. 
  1. Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is an aircon brand known for revolutionary features, such as the 3D i-See Sensor that detects if there’s movement in the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Another exciting feature is its Econo Cool Mode which saves energy by being more efficient. 

As with the Daikin units, you must also be careful around Mitsubishi’s sensor. If this component is damaged, Mitsubishi units will lose the ability to regulate the temperature automatically. That said, here are other things you can do to clean units under this brand: 

  • Clean or replace the air filters – The best way to clean your air filters is by rinsing them with water. However, if you see irreparable damage on its surface, it’s time to replace this component. 
  • Wipe the indoor unit – A damp cloth will do the trick to clean your unit’s interior. This will catch the dirt on its surface, freeing your interior from potential hazards.
  • Clean the condenser coils – Using a brush or a damp cloth will rid your condenser coils of dirt and other pollutants. 
  1. Panasonic

Panasonic takes pride in its Nanoe-G Air Purification system, which gives its users clean air, and reduces the likelihood of bacteria buildup. Additionally, Panasonic’s units have ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors that detect movement and adjust the temperature if people are present. 

The primary area of concern is the filters since they support the purification system of units under this aircon brand. Another thing you must consider when cleaning is the sensors since they can’t be damaged. With those precautions out of the way, here’s how you clean Panasonic units: 

  • Clean or replace the air filters – While the best method of cleaning your filters is rinsing them with water, you can also use services like Jing Yit’s aircon chemical wash that gets rid of bacteria. 
  • Wipe the indoor unit – Wipe the interior with a damp cloth to eliminate dirt and debris. 
  • Clean the condenser coils – Brushing or vacuuming will do the trick to eliminate the dirt in this area. 

Importance of Picking The Right Aircon Brand

a system 1 aircon being checked by a technician

You might wonder why picking the right AC brand is crucial for some people. At first glance, they differ only in name, and their general function is the same all across the board. However, to think this way would be wrong since big things always hide behind small details. 

Here are factors supporting the importance of picking the right aircon brand: 

  1. Availability of Parts and Servicing

One significant problem customers face is the availability of their unit’s parts. While you can choose an entirely different brand than popular ones in your country, you might find it hard to look for pieces when they break down. Going for a well-known brand solves this problem. 

  1. Performance and Efficiency

Efficiency refers to the ability of your unit to save you extra costs while using them. We all know that the tradeoff of having an air conditioning unit at home is the costs that come with it. When a brand is known for its efficiency, there’s a higher likelihood that it’ll get picked over other brands. 

  1. Innovative Technology 

These days, merely reaching a comfortable temperature isn’t enough regarding AC units. If a brand’s unit is packed with advanced features, it will likely be picked over a regular air conditioning unit. Features like movement detection and various cooling techniques make a particular aircon brand attractive over other ones. 

  1. Noise Levels

The best way to relax is to filter distractions and focus on recovery. However, it’s pretty hard to concentrate when your AC unit makes a lot of noise. The noise level is one of the factors people consider when choosing an aircon brand for this reason. 

  1. Long-Term Value

The main idea behind getting a piece of furniture or a device is to have something you can use for a long time. Most people choose well-known air conditioner brands because these brands have a proven track record regarding durability. Another thing that extends the lifespan of your unit is an aircon cleaning service, similar to what companies like Jing Yit Service offers.  

Jing Yit Service is Well-versed in Cleaning or Repairing Various Aircon Brands in Singapore

Our AC units can be a bit complicated because you must know how they work to get the most out of them. Different aircon brands have unique features; if you’re unaware of what they are, you might damage them while cleaning your units. 

Through the tips and tricks discussed in this article and the importance of choosing the right brand, we hope to have shed some light on how to get to know your AC units better. 

Jing Yit Service knows these brands by heart, and we have extensive experience dealing with them. In our 20 years of service, our attention to detail regarding cleaning, repairing, and installing brands like Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and Panasonic is top-notch. 

We understand that you need to experience our services firsthand so you can be the judge of them, contact us now to find out! Is it that season when you feel your AC units need some love? Let us at Jing Yit Service help you with your cleaning and repair needs!