Aircon Steam Cleaning in Singapore

Steamer Service is an eco-friendly way to clean your air conditioner. It cleans using high pressure steam, giving you clean, quality and healthier air to breathe at home!

Benefit for Steamer Service

  • Better protection of all aircon parts.

Steam Care Cleaning is a harmless and eco-friendly cleaning process choice without using damaging chemicals. 

  • More effectively removing all accumulated dirt, dusts, pollutants, viruses, and molds on the aircon unit inner parts.
  • Effectively solve fan-coil blockage, water leaking, low air flow and unpleasant smell issues.
  • To avoid allergies and asthmatic issues caused by chemical cleaning.

Steamer Service is family friendly. Especially for pregnant woman, babies and seniors in the house! 

Our Cleaning Step

  • Test Aircon Condition
  • Clean Cover
  • Clean Filter
  • Clean Water Tray
  • Dismantle & Clean Blower (If Applicable)
  • Steamer Clean Coil
  • Vacuum Drain Pipe
  • Test Drainer System
  • Check Controller Settings