Aircon Cleaning Services

Jing Yit Service PTE LTD in Singapore offers a complete cleaning and maintenance service that includes early detection of faults to keep your AC unit running smoothly.


Aircon General Servicing every three months extends the life of your air conditioner and optimises performance. Air conditioners keep Singaporean homes and businesses cool, but owners typically neglect maintenance. 


Avoid aircon service misconceptions and use expert Aircon Cleaning Services to ensure your unit works properly. Maintaining your air conditioner requires frequent maintenance, despite popular belief.


Maintenance may be tempting to do yourself, but it's better to hire a trustworthy aircon repair firm like Jing Yit Service PTE LTD Singapore. Our excellent service guarantees your aircon gets the attention it needs.


We clean, maintain, and repair air conditioning systems to maximise performance. Choose Jing Yit Service for Singapore's best aircon service. Schedule aircon servicing now for a cool, efficient experience.

Our Cleaning Procedure 

    • Aircon Condition Testing: We start our service by conducting thorough tests on your air conditioner. Our goal is to ensure that your unit is performing at its peak, identifying any issues that might hinder its efficiency.
    • Cover Cleaning: Our team takes meticulous care in revitalising the appearance of your aircon. We clean the cover thoroughly, not only to enhance its look but also to improve its overall efficiency.
    • Filter Cleaning: A key part of our service involves precise cleaning of the aircon's filter. This step is crucial for improving both the air quality in your space and the system's efficiency.
    • Water Tray Cleaning: We also focus on the water tray, cleaning it to enhance your aircon's cooling efficiency and to prevent any operational issues.
    • Blower Dismantling and Cleaning (If Applicable): For aircon units that require it, we provide a comprehensive cleaning of the blower. Dismantling and cleaning this component is vital for maintaining optimal performance of your air conditioner.
    • Drain Pipe Vacuuming: To avoid clogs and potential leakage, we vacuum the drain pipe of your aircon. This preventive maintenance is essential for keeping your unit in top condition.
    • Drainer System Testing: Our services include optimising the aircon's drain system. We perform thorough tests to ensure that it operates smoothly, providing you with a hassle-free experience.
    • Controller Settings Check: Finally, we inspect and fine-tune the controller settings of your air conditioner. This step is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive maximum comfort and efficiency from your unit.
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