Aircon Chemical Overhaul

An air conditioner chemical overhaul is a more extensive type of aircon maintenance procedure that involves using chemicals to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate the internal components of the air conditioner.

This can help to restore the air-conditioner to its optimal performance level and extend its life. During an aircon overhaul, a technician will typically disassemble the air conditioner and use specialized chemicals to clean and treat the various parts, including the evaporator coil, condenser coil, and drainage system.

The technician may also perform other maintenance tasks, such as checking for leaks, replacing worn parts, and adjusting the system to ensure it is operating at its best. An air conditioner chemical overhaul is typically recommended for older systems or systems that have not been well maintained, and it should be performed by a trained and experienced technician. 

Many of us are using our air-conditioners on a regular basis, and with the extended period of usage, servicing is required. This is because, when dust & dirt accumulates, blocks and clogs will slowly damage your aircon unit. you may start experiencing weird noises coming from your aircon, the aircon not being cold, or the aircon water leaking.

A common aircon problem many of our customers experience is the need to constantly lower the temperature just to experience the coolness in your aircon system. This increases your electricity consumption which makes your aircon work harder just so you can experience the coolness.

Our Cleaning Step

  • Test Aircon Condition
  • Dismantle Whole Unit
  • Clean Filter
  • Vacuum Drain Pipe
  • HighJet Chemical Wash Cover, Water Tray, Blower
  • Test Drainer System
  • Refill Gas
  • Check Controller Settings